Virgin Media M500 Broadband Review

Virgin Media M500 Speed

M500 is the fastest widely available broadband plan from Virgin Media. It offers average download speed of 516 Mbits/s and 36 Mbits/s upload speeds. It is more than three times faster than broadband with 145 Mb/s speeds from Openreach based providers like BT, TalkTalk and Sky. 

Virgin Media M500 Speeds

Lightening speeds of M500 are meant for 4K streaming, online gaming, quicker downloads and for connecting 10+ devices in busy households.


Can I get M500? 

Virgin Media Ultrafast fibre broadband is available to 54% of the UK households or 15m premises across the UK. You can ofcourse get M500 broadband, if Virgin’s ultrafast fibre network is available in your area. Use our postcode checker. 

Virgin M500 fibre broadband is available as following packages: 

  • M500 Broadband and Phone – Includes Talk Weekends
  • M500 Broadband only – No phone line. 
  • Ultimate Oomph bundle – Maxit TV package (220+ channels) with Movies and Sports and Talk More (anytime calls) 

M500 Cost

Virgin Media offers the fastest, widely available broadband plan at an attractive pricing. There is one-off  £35 setup cost which applies to this deal as well. It’s a good value package as it offers ultrafast speeds and a reliable solution to connect multiple devices to enjoy streaming and gaming online.

PackageIncludedMonthly cost
M500 broadband and phoneHub 3
Talk Weekend
M500 broadband and phone
with Oomph
Hub 3
Talk Weekend
M500 broadband onlyHub 3
No Phone line
Ultimate Oomph bundleHub 3
Talk More
Maxit TV + Sky Sports
+ Sky Cinema


Is M500 unlimited?

Virgin Media offers totally unlimited usage without any data caps. Speeds are not manually slowed down during peak times as no fair usage applies. That makes it an ideal package for 4K streaming for hours and unlimited downloads. 

M500 router 

Virgin Media Hub 3M500 customers get Hub 3.0 which is designed to operate with average speeds of 516 Mb/s. With dual mode and the new Intelligent WiFi technology, Hub 3 can automatically fix wifi issues to deliver faster speeds to all connected devices. You will need Virgin Media Connect App which works synchronously with the router to fix WiFi blackspots in your home.

Free upgrade to M600 fibre broadband

M600 is the new ultrafast service being rolled out by Virgin Media with 636 Mb/s average download speed and 41 Mb/s upload speed. Virgin Media Ultimate Oomph customers can get free upgrade to M600 without any extra cost.

Our Review

Is Virgin Media M500 any good?

If you look out for a broadband package specifically for gaming and streaming, M500 is definitely the right plan for you. Its prices are competitive, when compared to ultrafast package from BT and Sky. Bundling options with TV can offer more value to your money. 

Over-all, Virgin Media is the fastest service and one of the most reliable broadband providers in the UK with great customer support.