The Best Broadband Deals for September 2021

Find our top picks for September 2021

Our exclusive broadband offers include:

  • Extra price discounts
  • Gift vouchers
  • Reward cards
  • Free setup

These best broadband, phone and TV deals are updated daily. They mainly feature cheaper prices which are not available on main sites of the providers. 

So, the links we have provided will take you to exclusive offers to help you save money and get the best value for your money.

How do we earn?

We get a little commission when you buy broadband packages using our website. However, you will not pay more, on the contrary, you will pay less than when you visit the main sites directly.

Virgin Media 

This month, we bring you the cheapest Virgin Media broadband only plans which start from just £24 a month. You also get free setup of worth £35 and £50 voucher when you buy online with us. Offer runs till 30th September 2021.


We offer additional discounts, free setup and free shopping voucher of worth up to £90 when you buy online on or before 8th September. 



There are online exclusives with EE fibre broadband only plans. The special offer includes free setup and £50 Amazon voucher. Offer ends 9th September 2021.

Other featured broadband deals for September 2021

  • BT and Plusnet offer free setup and gift cards & reward cards of worth up to £90 
  • Vodafone offers free setup and £100 voucher with its fibre broadband packages which start from just £19.50 a month.
  • Shell Energy broadband  plans are among the cheapest in the market. Free setup and get our exclusive £50 voucher on selected packages.

To see all the best offers and deals available in your area, use our broadband postcode checker tool:

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