Plusnet or TalkTalk – which broadband should you choose?

Plusnet vs TalkTalk

Need to choose between TalkTalk and Plusnet? Both are budget broadband providers offering reliable, fast, low-priced broadband with great features.

In addition to the amazing savings, fibre broadband packages offered by these providers are great options for streaming, sharing and playing games online. 

But, which provider is better for you – Plusnet or TalkTalk? Let’s compare.


TalkTalk and Plusnet offer similar broadband plans which deliver more or less same kind of average download speeds and upload speeds.

However, you can get minimum speed guarantee and estimated speed range when you enter the location details like postcode and address, while you sign up. 

 *Download speed*Upload speed*Peak time speed
Plusnet Unlimited10Mb1Mb12.9Mb
TalkTalk Fast11Mb1Mb11Mb
Plusnet Unlimited Fibre35Mb9Mb32.8Mb
TalkTalk Fibre 3538Mb9Mb33.4Mb
Plusnet Unlimited Fibre Extra66Mb18Mb61Mb
TalkTalk Fibre 6567Mb17Mb64.1Mb


Both TalkTalk and Plusnet offer broadband deals offer great value for money with the discounts and promotional offers. 

  • Standard broadband – Plusnet Unlimited (10Mbps) is quite cheaper than TalkTalk Fast (11Mbps)
  • Fibre broadband – Fibre packages from Plusnet and TalkTalk come with similar price range, however, the deals are much cheaper than BT, Sky and EE.
  • In addition, TalkTalk Plusnet offer gifts like vouchers and reward cards generously to the new customers.


Truly unlimited broadbandYes
Fibre WiFi routerYesYes
Home PhoneYesYes
Inclusive callsNoNo
TV serviceYesYes
Mobile plansYesNo
Public WiFiNoNo
Cloud storageNoNo
Parental controlsYesYes
UK based customer supportYesNo
Fixed priceNoNo
Flexible 12 or 18 month contractsYesYes

Truly unlimited

Both Plusnet and TalkTalk do not have fair usage cap – absolutely no usage limit applies. Neither there is any traffic management which means these providers will not reduce the speeds during peak times.

Fibre routers

TalkTalk Plusnet WiFi routersTalkTalk Fast (ADSL) package includes SuperRouter. TalkTalk fibre customers get the new WiFi Hub router.

By comparison, Plusnet Unlimited customers get Hub Zero and Plusnet fibre packages (Unlimited fibre & Unlimitd fibre extra) include Hub One router.

Router specsPlusnet Hub ZeroTalkTalk SuperRouterPlusnet Hub OneTalkTalk WiFi Hub
ModelSagemcom 2704NHG635BT hub 5ASagemcom Fast 5364
Built-in modemNoADSL/VDSL modemVDSL modemVDSL modem
WiFi bandsSingle ( 2.4GHz )Dual (2.4GHz & 5GHz)Dual (2.4GHz & 5GHz)Dual (2.4GHz & 5GHz)
Wireless802.11b/g/n802.11b/g/n/ac802.11b/g/n/ac802.11ac Wave 2
AntennasNo3 x 323 x 3
Ethernet4 LAN ports (upto 100Mbps)4 LAN ports (upto 1000Mbps)
4 LAN ports (upto 1000Mbps)
4 LAN ports (upto 1733Mbps)
USB portNoYesYesYes
SetupWPSWi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)
Delivery chargeFreeFreeFreeFree

Home Phone

Plusnet and TalkTalk broadband packages include home phone, line rental and pay as you go calls.

Additional call plans will cost extra.

However, TalkTalk call plans come with flexible 1 month contract.

Home PhonePlusnetTalkTalk
Line rentalYesYes
PAYG callsYesYes
Eve & weekend & mobile£5 a monthNo
Unlimited UK & mobile£9 a month£12 a month
International£9 a month£10 a month


Youview TV box

TalkTalk broadband customers can add TV service or new customers can just sign up for the triple-play bundles.

Plusnet TV is exclusive to its fibre customers. It includes 20 premium channels.

Both TV services are delivered via Youview and Youview+ TV boxes. 

TV featuresPlusnetTalkTalk
Youview/Youview+ TV boxYesYes
Freeview channelsYesYes
BT SportIncludedAdd-on
Sky Sport add-onYesYes
Sky Cinema add-onYesYes
Netflix add-onYesYes
Setup cost£57.99£25
Monthly cost£5 a month£4 a month

Online Security

TalkTalk offers HomeSafe parental controls for safer browsing. Supersafe which is advanced internet security feature is included on selected plans. Supersafe protects devices from viruses and malware.

SafeGuard is similar feature from Plusnet to help users block specific websites and categories.

Customer Satisfaction

Ofcom’s latest reports on customer complaints and customer service clearly show that Plusnet is better than TalkTalk, when it comes to customer support.

Complaints per
100,000 customers (Q3 2019)
Satisfaction (April 2019)86%80%89%81%


Both Plusnet and TalkTalk are based on Openreach platform, so they have similar range of coverage or availability.

TalkTalk offers a few more faster fibre plans, when compared to Plusnet.

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